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Some of our past
Since I met my Malamutes, I lost my
mind...but I found my soul....
Thank you THUNDER for an incredible season!!!
Malamute may be the closest living relative to the "First
Dog dating  back 2,000 to 3,000 years ago to the
Mahlemuits tribe of Alaska. Recent DNA analysis shows
that Malamutes are one of the oldest breeds of dogs. It
is bred for power and endurance which is it's original
They require not only a lot of exercise but they require an
owner who can serve in an "Alpha" role to gain respect of
the dog.  Independence, resourcefulness and natural
behaviors are common in this breed.  They are very
intelligent but can be one of the hardest to train.  The
physical build of the Malamute is compact and strong with
substance and snowshoe feet.  
A Malamute is like no other breed. They truly are one of
God's best creatures.   Malamute lovers go above and
beyond for their dogs.  Owning a Malamute will change
your life. Ask any Malamute owner and they'll tell you a
Malamute is unlike any other breed.......
Malamute puppies need lots of attention, exercise, training,
a large place to run, and lots and lots of love. They are
extremely intelligent and love to please. They are well suited
for colder climates but also do well in hot weather as their
coats act as an insulator from the heat. Malamutes love to
be with people and make wonderful pets.
All of our puppies are vet checked, wormed, and given age
appropriate shots before being placed with their new fur-
ever families.  Our puppies are extraordinary and deserve
to be pampered and spoiled.  We sell with limited, non-
breeding AKC registration.  
We’re looking forward to our puppies giving their new
families as much enjoyment, laughter, and devotion as our
dogs have given us.  Our dogs are not "stock" or "property"
to us.  They are "family."   They will live their whole lives
here, whether they are producing puppies or not.
We treasure our dogs and love to spoil them.  Our dogs are
amazing creatures.  They are so friendly.   They are very
socialized and are very well behaved. They sing to us every
morning. The only times our dogs are noisy are when they hear
the noon whistle on Saturdays, when they hear their daddy's
truck coming down the road or when I forget to give them
their wieners at bedtime. They love to run our 13 acres and
swim in the pond. The myth that malamutes should not be
allowed around livestock is simply not true, at least for our
dogs. Our dogs love to play with our pet cows, Norman, Annie
and Emily and our horse, Justy.  
Most Malamutes, when brought in as puppies will adjust to new
animals so they should get along well with your animals, even
cats.    Our dogs love to meet new people.   They are very
intimidating because of their sizes but the only thing lethal
about them is their tongues.  They love to give kisses.  
Malamutes are such sweet dogs
At Skyland Malamutes, we strive to offer the largest,
healthiest, most well behaved, well tempered puppies. We
have carefully selected our malamutes for good health,
great markings, and good temperament. All  of our dogs
are giant malamutes, weighing between 95 and 160
pounds.  Some of our puppies are among the largest in the
world with one topping out at 198#.  We offer all colors
including gray/white, black/white, silver/white, seal/white,
sable/white, and the rare colors: red/white, agouti and pure
Some of our puppies will have the woolly coats.  Our dogs
have excellent bloodlines, including
Wakon, Kloudburst,
Charmed Ones, Arctic Shore,  Moonridge, Kingfishers,
Kelly's, RGG, Legends, Sandia Mountains and Sno Kloud
but all of our dogs have "champion" hearts.
Victor is made in the USA since
1950.  It is highly recommended
by the for
it's naturally formulated quality
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made in the USA
Malamute items
Here are some of the wood carvings I sell.  If interested, I can custom carve
almost anything.  Contact me for more information
These are acrylic LED light.  I can carve
anything on these too.  I have most colors
of LEDs. These single or double colored
ones are $95.    They are 6 x 12 " with a
painted wood base.
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SLEDGE, one of our past puppies
at 4 months
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