Victor Dog Food

Naturally Formulated with added Vitamins and Minerals

There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in Victor Dog Foods. We use only superior
quality, naturally flavored ingredients your dogs will love!  The science and research that went into
the development of Victor Dog Foods took extra care to make sure the dogs not only love the taste, but look and perform their very best!

Victor Dog Foods are manufactured at Mid America Pet Food in Mount Pleasant, Texas. We’re proud
of our country and work hard to protect it’s businesses. We use 99.7% USA sourced ingredients in our
products. We use 100% USA beef.

Victor Dog Foods are free from Corn, Wheat, Soy and Gluten as well as all Processed Grain
by-products. They are all Naturally formulated with Added Vitamins and Chelated Minerals. All Victor Dog Foods are formulated with scientifically advanced Alltech ingredients that work together to support excellent digestive and immune system health. One of the unique features of Victor Dog food formulas is the use of scientifically advanced ingredients developed by Alltech. These yeast based all natural ingredients have been developed or improved using the advanced science of Nutrigenomics which measures response of nutrients on a cellular level.

These ingredients include:

Labeled as Hydrolyzed Yeast, Actigen is Made from the rich outer layer of the Yeast Cell, and
plays an important role in the support of a healthy digestive system. Acting as a Pre-Biotic,
pathogenic bacteria are naturally attracted and attach to the unique shape of these yeast
fractions floating in the digestive system and are harmlessly flushed thru the digestive system.
Actigen also supports an environment for efficient use of antibiotics during times that these
drugs are needed to treat specific infections.

Labeled as: Yeast Extract is rich in nucleotides. This unique product promotes enhanced
immunity by supporting cell membrane and function within each cell of the body. This product
is used in all Victor Grain Free Foods.

Labeled as Selenium Yeast, Sel-Plex is a true breakthrough in Canine nutrition. Selenium Yeast
is the sole source of added selenium in All Victor Dog Foods. It a much more effective and safer
choice than the inorganic form labeled Sodium Selenite. Selenium works with Vitamin E to
become a powerful Antioxidant that works to support cellular regeneration and immune system
response. The unique feature of Selenium in this Organic form can be absorbed in the blood
stream and be stored in cells for use during times of stress.

Labeled as: Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus Niger Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Subtilis
Fermentation Product This unique product acts as a pro-biotic supporting good digestive
bacteria. This is very similar to the positive results of humans eating yogurt!

Dog Food

Prices include OK sales tax.

Find a formula for all Moots here!

High Energy

40lb bag, $40


40lb bag, $40

Performance with Glucosamine

40lb bag, $40

Hi Pro Plus for Active Dogs and Puppies

40lb bag, $41

Lamb with Brown Rice

40lb bag, $48.50

Chicken with Brown Rice and Lamb

40lb bag, $43

Beef Meal with Brown Rice

40lb bag, $35.50

Ocean Fish with Salmon

40lb bag, $49.50

Grain free Active Dog and Puppy

30lb bag, $46.50

Grain free Hero Joint Health

30lb bag, $45

Grain free Ultra Pro

30lb bag, $52

Grain free Yukon River with Salmon

30lb bag, $50.50

Grain free Chicken

30lb bag, $47

Grain free Lamb

30lb bag, $49.50

Senior/Weight Management

40lb bag, $41

Multi-Pro Maintenance

50lb bag, $40

Nutra Pro

40lb bag, $44
rates all nine Victor Dog Food Products the second highest tier of FOUR STARS.
The Victor product line includes nine dry dog foods, six recipes claimed to meet AAFCO nutrient
profiles for all life stages and three for adult maintenance (Select High Energy, Performance Formula and Senior/Healthy Weight).

There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in VICTOR Dog Foods. We use only superior QUALITY, naturally flavored ingredients your dogs will love! The Science and Research that went into the development of VICTOR Dog Foods took EXTRA CARE to make sure the dogs not only LOVE THE TASTE, but look and perform their very best.