A scammer has been using my phone number and address. I only raise Malamutes and am not associated with any other breeders. Please do not send them deposits. It is a scam. Please check out your breeder well before putting down a deposit. If they don’t have a phone number or address on their website it is probably a scam.

Avalanche and his daughter Kayenne

At Skyland Malamutes, we strive to offer the largest, healthiest, most well behaved and even tempered puppies. We have carefully selected our Malamutes for great health, great markings, and great temperament. Most of our dogs are giants, weighing between 95 and 182 lbs, but we do offer standard sizes as well. Some of our puppies are among the largest in the world, with one topping out at 198 lbs! We offer most colors of Malamutes: blacks, grays, seals and sables and the rarer colors of reds, pure whites, and agoutis.

Malamute puppies need lots of attention, exercise, training and lots of love. They are built for colder climates but also do well in the warmer ones because their coat acts as an insulator from the heat as well as the cold. Malamutes love people and make wonderful pets.

All of our puppies are vet checked, wormed, and given age appropriate shots before going to their furever families.

Our puppies are extraordinary and server to be pampered and spoiled. We sell with LIMITED, NON-BREEDING AKC REGISTRATION.

Captain Fury
Catching watermelon slobbers

We hope our puppies can give their new families as much love, enjoyments, laughter, and devotion as our dogs have given us. They are our whole world. We have worked for 8 years building our Malamute Ranch for them to enjoy. We have 13 acres with a pond for them to play in. Our dogs are not “stock” or “property” to us. They are family. All of our dogs will live out their lives here, whether they are producing or not.

We treasure our dogs and love to spoil them. Our dogs are very specialized and well behaved. They sing to us every morning. The only time they are noisy is when they hear Rick’s truck in the driveway or when I forget to give them their bedtime snack.

They love to run our 13 acres and swim in the pond. The myth that Malamutes do not do well with livestock is simply untrue, at least with my dogs. Our dogs love to play with our 3 pet cows.

Cows and Mals at the Ranch
Logan and Jatia

Malamutes make the best family pets. They adore children and are very protective of them. They can be stubborn but are very intelligent and can be trained easily with patience. Our dogs walk our fence line daily to keep us safe. They are very intimidating because of their size but are very sweet, gentle dogs. The only thing dangerous about them is their tongues. They are very affectionate and love to give kisses. They are called gentle giants. Our 182 lb male Wyatt is the biggest sweetest teddy bear.

Because Malamutes are such “pack animals”, they need an owner who can serve in an “Alpha” role to gain respect of the dog. You have to make your little furry bundle of joy mind you the very first day you take it home. You don’t want a 100 lb dog you can’t control. You have to be the Alpha at all times.

Independence, resourcefulness, and natural intelligence are part of the makeup of a Malamute.

The Five Malkateers

Our pets give us unconditional love 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For that, they only deserve the very best. NuVet Plus is a complete multivitamin and immune booster. It’s your worry-free way to make sure they get everything they need to keep them happy and healthy for a lifetime. ❤️Order yours today!    www.nuvet.com/89549  You won’t be disappointed!

Order yours today!  www.nuvet.com/89549  You won’t be disappointed!

Phone: 800.474.7044 with order code 89549

Skyland’s Art Studio

I bought a DIGITAL WOOD CARVER 6 years ago and have had so much fun creating personalized items for myself and my clients. Please check out our Skyland’s Art Studio page on this site.

Our Veterinarians

I love my Vets. They are the best and the only ones I trust with my dogs. My Vet is Dr. Cole at Piedmont Animal Clinic in Piedmont, Oklahoma. He can be reached at 405-373-1909.

Dr. Roach and Jamie are also amazing. They are located in Oklahoma City at 405Vet.com.


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