Upcoming Litters

Crazy Malamute Person Starter Kit

More information about buying or reserving puppies on the Available Puppies page.

Whimsey and Jatia

This will be the 3rd litter for Whimsey and Jatia. They have HUGE black and seal puppies. They should arrive on October 12th and will be $1500.

Zabby and Rouky

Zabby and Rouky should produce some gorgeous puppies! We expect blacks, grays and whites and possibly some reds. They will arrive in the Spring and start at $1500.

Juliet and Rouky

Juliet and Rouky should have some amazing puppies! We expect reds and whites! Puppies will arrive in the Spring and will be $2500.

Khaleeshi and Xander

Khaleeshi and Xander should have a gorgeous litter. We expect grays and agoutis. The puppies will arrive in the Spring and will be $1500.