Upcoming Litters

Crazy Malamute Person Starter Kit

More information about buying or reserving puppies on the Available Puppies page.

Delaney and Jatia

Delaney and Jatia should have some gorgeous HUGE puppies. We expect blacks, grays and seals and possibly pure whites. They will arrive December 31st and start at $1500.

Zabby and Digby

Zabby and Digby should have an amazing litter. We expect grays, agoutis. They will arrive later January 8th and start at $1500.

Artemis and Digby

This will be Artemis and Digby’s 2nd litter together. We expect grays, blacks and seals. The puppies will arrive January 14th and will be $1500.

Juliet and Jasper

Juliet and Jasper should have some amazing red puppies. They will be due January 16th and will be $2500.

Khaleeshi and Digby

Khaleeshi and Digby had an amazing litter last year!! They should have grays, blacks and agoutis. The puppies will arrive in the Spring and start at $1500.

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