About Us

I met my first Malamute about 20 years ago when I had gone to look at a half-wolf, half-malamute puppies. The mom was a black-furred wolf – though she was not very friendly or pretty. But the dad was a gray woolly Malamute, about 150lbs and incredible! That day, I lost my heart to that beautiful creature! I didn’t adopt a puppy but I knew one day I would own one.

When Rick and I first met 15 years ago I had an old mixed breed male, my Shane. Rick said he wanted to get a puppy for us and asked what breed I would want. I jumped at the chance to own a Malamute, and our search began! They’re not a common breed, but we finally found our Ashley after 3 months. Since then, our love affair with Malamutes hasn’t ended.

We were living in Yukon, Oklahoma at the time and decided since we would be moving to the country soon – and since Malamutes are such great dogs and so hard to find – we would get a few more Malamutes and raise them, but we never imagined it would turn into Skyland Malamute Ranch!

We spent the first 7 years building our Skyland Malamute Ranch. We had a 3/4 acre pond dug for them to play in, we turned the guest house for our pool into our Big Dog house, and we built 13 puppy condos! The condos are 8′ by 8′ and have electricity, security cameras so I can keep an eye on them, skylights, tile floors, windows, a doggy door for the moots and of course a human-door for me! We have created a Malamute Heaven for the Moots!