RGG’s Zendaya Evonlee Of Skyland

AKC #WS44059005

Birthday: May 28, 2013


9 years old


Zendaya comes from Kelly’s RGG in Kentucky. We have waited a long time for the perfect gray woolly female and we finally found her. She is one of the prettiest girls we have. She is so precious and sweet and ornery. She’s a troublemaker for sure and I adore her. Zennie loves to swim in the pond with the big dogs and she does it every day. She is never dry. Zennie and Whimsey and Talini are best friends. Watch with us as she grows into the gorgeous little lady I know she will.

Zennie and Klondike have had several gorgeous litters so far. The puppies were reds, agoutis, blacks, greys, sables, and seals. Some of the puppies will be woolies. She is an amazing Mommy. She adores her puppies. Zennie is such a sweet girl. She is so quiet and gentle. She loves my grandkids and loves to go swimming with them.

She had such an amazing agouti girl Khaleeshi, that we had to keep her. Zennie will always have a buddy here with her. They have tons of fun playing together in the pond. We adore our Zennie Girl.

Kelly’s RGG Luce, Dam
Smokey Mountain River Moose, Sire