Sandia Mountain’s Wiyana Wriglee Of Skyland

AKC #WS38448906

Birthday: July 27th, 2011



11 years old


We adopted Wriglee from Sandia Mountain Malamutes in New Mexico when she was 2 years old. We also got her brother Wyatt. Wriglee is so sweet and playful. She is such a happy girl. She loves to play Klondike and they swim every day. She loves to run our acreage and chase the squirrels and rabbits. Wriglee gets excited and twirls around in circles jumping up and down. She is such a sweet girl. I am so glad she is ours. She makes me laugh every day.

She had such amazing puppies with our Klondike. Their puppies were huge and very playful. Sledge, one of her puppies, is one of the largest puppies I have ever heard of at 115lbs at 5 1/2 months. I know they will be as sweet as their Mom and Dad. They had another amazing boy last year and we decided to keep him. He is our Jatia. He is over 70lbs at 4 months. He will be beast!

Wriglee loves the water like most of our dogs. She is a swimmer girl. She likes to try and catch the fish in our pond. She is such an amazing girl. I love our Wrigs.

Kingfisher’s Midnight Ryder, Dam
Wakon’s Tiberius, Sire