Legend’s Chiante Juliet Of Skyland

AKC #WS55309902

Birthday: July 19th, 2016


6 years old


Juliet comes from Legend’s Kennel in New York. She is a little sister to our Keke and we adored her. She is having a blast playing with the pack. She will certainly fit in here well. She has lots of dogs to play with. She is such a little stinker. She is one of the most playful puppies we’ve ever had. I drag her around by my pant leg every morning. It takes me 5 minutes to put up everything she drags out in 2 minutes. She is so funny. Juliet and Jatia and Khaleeshi will have a blast together playing in the pond! She is such a goofy puppy and we adore her. Whimsey, Fury, Kenzy, and Kayenne are her new best friends. She is so stinking rotten. She loves all of our dogs and has such a great time with them. We are so glad we have Jules here.

Legends are Made of Sedna’s Inferno, Dam
The Arctic Woolly Bully, Sire