Skyland’s Harley Jatia

AKC #WS53727802

Birthday: May 31, 2016


6 years old


Jatia is a Wriglee and Klondike puppy. He is an amazing boy. We just had to keep him. He is 140lbs at 1 year! Big boy!!! He loves his Mommy. When he was little they would go swim in the pond together. Jatia would grab hold of Wriglee’s tail and she would drag him all over the pond. They are so funny together. His best friends are Wriglee, Talini, Khaleeshi, Zennie and Juliet. He has fathered two gorgeous litters for us so far. We love our ‘Tia Man.

Wriglee, Dam
Klondike, Sire