Kingfisher’s Barklee’s Arctic Avalanche of Skyland

AKC #WS33306107

DNA #V661837

Birthday: Feb 4, 2010


12 years old


We got our Avalanche from Kingfisher’s Malamutes in Alaska. Avalanche was quite the playful puppy. I drug him around on my pants leg every morning. He was good exercise for me… He loved to help me work in the yard too. When I pull weeds and throw them out of my flowers beds, he would get them and attach them. Needless to say, all the weeds in my yard were terrified of him. He is such a lover. I can’t sit down in the yard without him in my lap. He adores the water and is always wet. He’s quite the stud muffin, producing 5 red puppies out of 8 in his first litter. He has grown into the most affectionate boy. He’s 12 years old now and is still as goofy and funny as ever. He’s our amazing Red Man, our Wild Man, our Crazy Man, our Goofy Man, our Avalanche…

Kingfisher’s Midnight Charger, Sire
Kingfisher’s Red Kima Tekawna, Dam