Skyland's Taya Brinlee

February 29, 2012 to February 17, 2018
Taya is our past Ripley and Avalanche puppy we took back in
December of 2017.  She is such a treasure.  She is so sweet and
lovable. Taya loves to wade in the water and I am hoping she will be
swimmer like her parents this summer.  We added her to our breeding
program this winter and she will be having her first litter with Fury in
March 2018
5 years old
Taya became ill suddenly and we rushed her to our vet and she was
diagnosed with closed Pyometra.  There was nothing we could do for her.  
We are so broken up by her loss.  We had just taken her back and we were
looking forward to many years with her.  We miss you Tata.