We lost our precious Tikaani man to cancer in August, 2010.  We treasure every second we had with
him and miss him terribly.  He will be forever in our hearts......
December 10, 2005 to August 27, 2010
If I had known you would have been taken from us so soon I would have.....
~Accepted every one of your slobber, sloppy wet kisses, even the green-tongued cow poop breath
~Let you come in the house every time you wanted
~Not griped at you for howling for the girls because you were lonesome
~Taken time to play with you every time you wanted me too
~Thrown 100000 snow balls at you because you loved it
~Let you spend the night in the house more
~Not gotten on to you for playing with the cow
~Taken 1 million pics of you
~Not hollered at you for marking my silk plants
~Watched you swim and try to catch the catfish more
~Not yelled at you for trying to chase my bobber when I was fishing
~Laughed at you more for "watering" my flowers
~Let you "landscape" your yard without getting into trouble
~Not gotten on to you for eating 1/2 a bag of chicken jerky
~Let you lick the bowl more often
~Not yelled at you when you and Mahle bred on my brand new bed that I hadn't even got to
sleep in yet
~But I probably would still yell at you for chasing the new baby bunnies in the field
~Watched you give kisses to the horse and baby buffalos next door more
~Spent every waking second with you......

You were such a happy boy and you knew you were well loved and you had such a great, happy
short life.  Everyone  that ever met you fell in love with you.  You were such a charmer and such
a goof ball.....
We'll never forget you, baby boy.  We love you and miss you 'Kanni Man
Tikaani has the best personality of all of our dogs.  He is such a goof ball.  He makes me laugh everyday.  We
got him from a breeder in Virginia after we got Sikora from him.  Thanks, Rob for our 3 precious dogs.  All of
our girls love Tikaani.  They call him "the Stud Muffin."   He and
Sikora are best friends.  We got them around
the same time and they're the same age.  Tikaani loves the water and the snow.  He runs all over the acreage with
Sikora.  He has fun everyday. Teagan loves Tikaani too but she tells him she just wants "one kiss" because he
usually gives her 50 before she can get away from him.  If you come out and visit, you have to get "Kanni
kisses" before you leave.  He's a very affectionate dog.  His size is intimidating but he's very friendly.  We love
our "Kaani Man"  He has sired some amazing puppies for us.....
Our dog can't control it's licker...
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever...