Norse Gods and Goddesses
Aesir- Principal race of gods in Norse mythology.  
Andhrimnir- The cook of the Aesir.  
Angrboda- Goddess and wife of Loki
Astrild- Goddess of love.
Atla- Water goddess.
Audhumla- The primeval cow, formed from the melting ice.
Balder- Fairest of the gods
Beyla- The servant of Freyr.
Borghild- Goddess of the evening mist or moon, she slays the sun each
Bragi- God of poets and the patron of all skaldi (poets) in Norse culture.
Brono- The son of Balder. He is the god of daylight.
Bylgia- Water goddess.
Dagur-The personification of day, he drives the day chariot across the sky.
Disen- A group of goddess in old Norse mythology. Called the "Dis of the
Eir- Goddess of healing and shamanic healers, companion of the goddess Frigg
Elli- Goddess of old age.
Fenrir- Also known as Fenris. The great wolf, child of Loki and Angrboda
Forseti- God of justice who settles court disputes in his gilded hall.
Freya- Goddess of love, beauty and sensuality.  
Freyr- God of fertility, sun and rain.  
Frigg- Wife of Odin and the goddess of marriage and fertility.  
Gefion- Goddess of agriculture and the plough.  
Gerd- The wife of Freyr and a goddess of fertility. She is the
personification of the fertile soil.
Heimdall- God of light and protection.
Hel- The goddess of death and ruler of the realm of the dead.
Hermod- The messenger of the gods. Often equated to the Greek god
Hod- Blind god of darkness and winter.  
Holler- God of disease and destruction.  
Idun- Goddess of the spring, eternal youth and the keeper of the golden
Jord- Goddess of the primitive and unpopulated earth.  
Jormungand- The Midgard Serpent
Kari- Leader of the storm giants.
Kvasir- The wisest of the Vanir gods.  
Laga- Goddess of wells and springs.
Lofn- Goddess of forbidden love, who blesses all illicit love affairs.
Loki- Trickster god of the Norse, concerned with thievery, magic and fire.  
Magn- Son of Thor and god of brute strength.
Mani- God of the moon and brother of the sun goddess Sol.  
Miming- Minor forest god.
Mimir- Wisest god of the Aesir, sent in a hostage trade to the rival Vanir
Mod- God of battle wrath, he was the leader of the berserkers.
Njord- God of the sea, wind and fire. He bestows good fortune to those on
the sea.  
Norns- The triple goddesses of fate and destiny.  
Nott- Goddess of night who mans the night-charion in it's track through the
Odin- The chief god of the Aesir and most important of the Norse deities.  
Ran- Goddess of storms and the drowned dead.  
Saga- Goddess of poetry and history.  
Sif- Wife of Thor, and possibly an ancient fertility goddess.
Sjofn- Goddess of love, passion and marital harmony.
Skadi- A frost giant and goddess of winter.  
Sleipnir- The eight-legged horse of Odin
Sol- Goddess of the sun, who guides the sun-chariot through the sky.
Syn- Goddess of watchfulness and truth.  
Thor- Thunder-god and the protector of men and gods.
Tyr- The original god of war in the Germanic culture
Ull- God of justice and duelling, archery and skiing.
Vali- Son of Odin, and the god born to avenge the death of Balder.
Valkyries- The battle-maidens, who choose the best warriors
Vanir- A group of fertility and nature gods
Var- Goddess of contracts and marriage agreements
Vidar- Son of Odin and the god of silence and vengeance.