Karly is the quiet one of the twins.  Kylee is the playful one.  Karly is one of the most maternal of our dogs.  
She adores puppies.  She and Kylee are rarely ever apart.  When you see one, the other one is close by.  
They do everything together, including helping to raise each other's puppies. Some of Karly's puppies are
weighing in at over 175# and are among the largest in the world today.  Karly has had one litter of gorgeous
puppies for us but is retired now.......We couldn't do without our twins.....
Skyland's Karly Icewinds
We lost our precious Karly too soon.  But I know she how much she misses
her Kylee.  She missed he so much and as heartbreaking as it was to lose
her, i know she is where she wants to be, with her sister.  rip Karly.  we love
you and miss you.