Our KENADIE is one of our newest addition to Skyland.  She and Kayenne are
twins sisters from our Naihlee and Avalanche.  They have their dad's great
personality and their mom's beauty.  They both have gorgeous green eyes.  She was
our first red puppy from our newest male, Avalanche.  Our Naihlee is their mom and
they are 3rd generation puppies from Skyland. Both of them love the water and are
both very playful.  They love to come in the house and hang out with Mom. She may
be one of the largest females in the world 7 months, she weighs in at
102#.  We are so proud of her.  She is such a sweet girl and so beautifully marked.  
Watch with us as we enjoy our newest twins.  
November 6, 2010 to June 1, 2011
We lost our beloved Kenadie due to a heat stroke.  She wasn't even 7 months old yet.  We
are so devastated over this.  She was way too young.  We wanted so many more years
with her.   We miss you every second, baby girl.....
NAIHLEE,   dam