Legend's Keagan Tinsley of Skyland
KEEGAN (Keke) is our newer member of the Skyland Pack. She hails from Legends in New York and
our friend Marcy.  We simply adore her. She is the perfect mix of lovable and orneryness.  She adores
my dogs and of course, my dogs adore her as well as my grandkids.  We call her KEKE.  She is such a
mother hen to the puppies.  Watch with us as she grows into the beautiful little lady we expect her to
be.  We paired her with our Klondike and they had an amazing litter of reds, seals and black puppies.  
The Arctic Wooly Bully,
Legends are Made of Sedna’s
Inferno, dam
January 19th, 2013----August 9, 2015
I am so heartbroken over the loss of our Keke.  You were the best girl I could ask
for Keeks.  You were such a treasure to us.  We miss you so much and so do the
" I killed the snake for you.  You're welcome."