Skyland's Baylee Makita
showing Aunt Skylee who's boss....

February 14, 2005 to May 14, 2012
Baylee is one of our standard sized Malamutes.  She weighs around 65#.  She is little but she is mighty.
She took Sikora, our 140# female,  down one day for growling at the puppies.  She was VERY playful as
a puppy but has mellowed somewhat as she grew up.  She loves the water so much we used to call her
Duckie.  She's the first in the water and the last one out.  Baylee is one of Teagan's favorites.  She and
Bronco usually spend the night in the house with us when Teagan is here.  
She has had some gorgeous puppies for us.  She loves all the puppies, no matter who's they are.  She
is now retired and a lady of leisure around here.  Baylee and
Niko are best friends but Bronco is the
love of her life....
We lost our Baylee Girl to cancer in May, 2012.  We sure miss our Baylee Girl.  She was
sweetest, most gentle girl we have.  She loved all the dogs and they all loved her.  She adored
the water.  I sure was looking forward to watching you swim in the pool this summer, my B
Girl.  We love you and miss you so much....  RIP, baby girl...